Sunday, 14 December 2014

Episode 5 - Death is not the End

In this episode Chevron is accused of failing to let go of the teenage goth that lurks in the depths of her dark and twisted soul... 'NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME!' and we remember the fallen comrades of the Doctor with great reverence.

Yes, we know what la petite mort means. Get your minds out of the gutter.

We miss you Nicholas Courtney, especially as this epipod was recorded pre-CyberBrig.

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Just a Minute is a long running Radio 4 panel show in which contestants are challenged to speak on a subject for a sixty seconds without hesitation, deviation or repetition.

From the corrections department:

Steve Coogan's swimming pool supervisor character is from The Day Today. And what we can take from this is that nobody should ever question Chevron ever at all ever.

William Hartnell's 'I am not a dog' fluff is actually in The Thing of the Thing, also known as The Daleks' Master Plan.

Jean Marsh appeared thrice, yes thrice, in The Crusade, The Daleks' Master Plan and Battlefield.

Mike Yates, as we all know, keeps cropping up until Planet of the Spiders.

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