Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Episode 7 - Story yelling

In this Doctor Who light episode Diskgrinder plays Mark Lawson and Chevron almost bluffs her way through the most shambolic and borderline unbroadcastable episode of Front Row in history.

 Again we name check the No Complications blog which features literary criticism, classical scholarship and fun and games.


Chevron is talking bollocks. Just Google it.

Dissonance, it seems apt.

Drama in acts, you might not agree, but it's worth looking at Freytag's Pyramid. MORE SHAPES!

It's called acting.

Dr Joann Fletcher's Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings is well worth a watch if you're that way inclined.,

When it comes to ancient Greek comedy, the old'uns are always the best. What little we have of the 'new' ones are... completely subjectively... shite.

Dyskolos (also known as Miserable Old Bastard) was performed c.316 BCE (310 BCE was a good guess) and penned by Miranda Hart Menander. It isn't big, clever or funny.

And she's off.

Aristophanes' Wasps is magnificent. That's indisputable. It's not a question of taste. It's bloody brilliant.

Cocks, cocks, cocks.

Unsurprisingly, what we do shabbily in one hour is summed up beautifully by Sesame Street in three minutes.

And they got there first... by roughly forty years.

From the corrections department:

It's all bollocks. All of it. Back to Doctor Who next time. Promise.

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