Sunday, 16 November 2014

Episode 4 - Darlin' Companion

In this episode we discuss the Doctor's companions who made an impact on our impressionable young minds, and consider what makes for an effective wing-person to your average renegade Gallifreyan. Uncharacteristically long and uncharacteristically polite. No let up on the swearing, par for the course.

Much respect, affection and contrition to the marvellous Rob of the Who Wars Podcast.

Matthew Waterhouse and Big Finish.

Why do you gotta play that song so loud?

We look up to all of them. Except Ronnie Corbett, even Chevron is taller than him.


Catherine Tate's 'Nan' (with bonus Helen A). Chevron still thinks it's bobbins.

The Scorchies.

Katy Manning's one woman show: 'Not a Well Woman'.

Big Finish's 'Gallifrey' series starring Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson (and John Leeson).

Prime adverts with Lalla Ward and Tom Baker.

Al No of the Diddly Dum podcast and his theories relating to Greek Tragedy.
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